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Appointments are available on Mondays at Sheffield and Thursdays at Barnsley.

Evening appointments are available at both venues.


What to expect

On your first appointment you will asked about your problem and most importantly what aggravates your condition.

This information will provide the first clue as to what tissues are involved.

A clinical examination will then take place. This involves joint movement and direct tissue palpation.

The information from this process will then enable the ultrasound scan to focus on specific tissues deep within your body.
The scanner must be placed in direct contact with skin, therefore please wear appropriate clothes.

Don't be too surprised if your pain experience is in one place and your damaged or irritated tissues are in another. Please read the article on 'the error of chasing pain'. 

Can I expect an injection?

Following examination and ultrasound scan you will be guided through the findings so that you have an understanding as to the nature of your problem.

Dependant on diagnosis, treatment options can include injections.

Injections provide an excellent way to administer medication exactly into the area(s) of tissue damage and inflammation. This by-passes the stomach which minimises gastric irritation and also increases the potency of the medication.

Not every condition however is suitable for injection therapy. Also InjectionClinic does not inject spinal nerve roots or perform spinal epidurals.

Please visit the 'Injections' page for more details on treatments that are available.