New Client New Client and Injection Cortisone
New client examination and diagnostic ultrasound scanNew client examination and diagnostic scan and guided injection
New Client with Ostenil Plus InjectionNew Client with PRP injection
New Client examination with guided Ostenil Plus injectionNew client with PRP preparation and guided injection
Joint and soft tissue steroid and Hyaluronic Viscosupplement injections for shoulders, knees, hips, tendons and joint pain.

Price of ultrasound scan and guided injections

Injection Clinic delivers high quality clinical care at an affordable price.

Historically, guided injections have been administered in hospitals by Consultants and have therefore been a high price treatment.

But with modern mobile ultrasound scanners and advanced practitioner skills, these injections can now be administered in healthcare clinics.

Saving money without losing any of the benefits.

Injections that are unguided, known as blind injections, are still used, but not recommended. Injections need to be safe and appropriate.

Ultrasound images and needle guidance allow for safe and effective practice.