Information on how coVID -19 is affecting clinical practice.
Please could read the following. It contains information about Injection Therapy and the latest changes surrounding coVID-19.
Firstly, it has become standard practice to ask people with any symptoms to self isolate. The symptoms relate to fever, persistent cough and a sore throat. 
Anyone who has recently travelled or been in contact with someone who may be infected is also advised to self isolate.

Ultrasound scans to help confirm your diagnosis will continue as normal. There are however some restrictions on the use of Corticosteroids. Please phone for a telephone chat prior to booking to make sure you are suitable for steroid injection.

The use of injections such as Ostenil to assist with joint lubrication continues as normal. Please mention to the reception staff if you are considering Ostenil, just to make sure we have enough in stock.

What about the use of steroid injections
The use of Cortico-steroids does however need a bit more understanding. Cortico-steroids have a minimal effect on suppressing a persons immune system. This effect is not normally a problem, but with coVID-19, people at risk are having a difficult time in fighting off the viral infection. Therefore any compromise to their immune system is not advised.
The high risk group includes people:
  • Over the age of 70 years.
  • Any immunosuppressant disease; such as Lupus, Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Type 1 diabetes.
  • People with breathing problems such as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) or asthma.
  • And anyone with cardiac problems such as hypertension (high blood pressure) or angina.
Consequently the Injection Clinic in conjunction with ActiveHealthcare advise against the use of steroid injections in this group of people for the time being.
Don't forget the benefits of Ostenil

Injections of Ostenil can be safely administered to any group!

Along with diagnosis and self management advice on joint degeneration, the use of Ostenil has proven benefits to assist joint lubrication and ease the symptoms of joint pain.

To read more about Ostenil please click on the link.

'Click here' to visit the Ostenil page.



Now could actually be a good time to correct your muscle and joint problem.
The coVID-19 problem is now having a dramatic impact on health and finance.
It is difficult to find any positives, but if you are stuck in isolation then it does provide an opportunity to work on correcting your posture, strength and your movement pattern for daily tasks.

As with all problems, Injection Clinic recommends you first establish a diagnosis. Whether your fixing a car or your body, if you first identify whats wrong, your time in correcting the problem will be reduced.

Remember, shoulder and knee pain is not a diagnosis; shoulder impingement with bursitis or patella tendinopathy is!
To find out your diagnosis please book an appointment with Chris for a consultation and ultrasound scan. Then start your rehabilitation.

Once you have your diagnosis, try these home exercises

The links below provide an overview of the diagnostic process used at Injection Clinic and online exercises for self management.

Visit 'What to expect' to gain an insight into your diagnostic appointment

Visit 'QuickPhys' and Virtual Physio to see a range of exercises and video advice about your diagnosed problem.


Please Note: There are diseases and pathology that prevent good health irrespective of an individuals actions. The advice in this blog is not a substitute for medical opinion. Always consult your healthcare professional for specific advice on your personal condition. But please remember, best health irrespective of condition will always be optimised if your chemistry is made as good as possible.