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Over 20 years experience in the diagnosis of muscle and joint pain.
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The majority of clients only require one visit.

Find out why

Most clients only need one visit because through a process of clinical examination and ultrasound scan an accurate diagnosis can be made.
Once a diagnosis is reached then treatment , including medication injections and exercise advise can be discussed and administered.

Treatment is always reflective of the diagnosis. Sometimes the diagnosis is the main part of the treatment as the person understands what is wrong and feels confident and capable in their own self-management.

If injections are needed, they can be administered in the same visit. Strong links with Osteopaths, Consultants and Physiotherapists ensure all conditions are catered for.
One appointment: examination, investigation and treatment. It's that simple.

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The quicker you address your problem, the better the outcome

The problem with waiting times is that prolonged inflammatory changes can often make conditions worse.
Secondly, damaged tissue can progress unless advice and appropriate self management is implemented.
Finally, the longer a person has an experience of pain, the more likely they are to develop side effects from pain medication.

Pain sensitisation, chronic pain, stress and anxiety all have there origins in over use pain medication and delays in the appropriate management of physical conditions.

Waiting, really is bad for you.

Book your appointment with InjectionClinic as start your journey to life with less pain.

Different injections for
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...because not all problems
are the same

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Experienced clinician providing
examination and treatment

Chris Creaghan has over 20 years of NHS and Private clinical work experience.
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Chris Creaghan has over twenty years of clinical experience working in both NHS and private clinics.
The majority of this time has been spent in Orthopaedic and MSK Services.

As a keen cyclist Chris has always had an interest in health. He originally trained as a physiotherapist but soon realised the importance of ultrasound. This opened up a new pathway in diagnostic capabilities and helped develop guided injection techniques.
Changes in Healthcare practice allowed non-medical practitioners to train in pharmacology and in 2015 Chris become an Independent Prescriber.
Having access to medication, injection skills, orthopaedic diagnostic techniques and knowledge of sport and human bio-mechanics, Chris has continued to develop his career refining techniques and improving treatment.

Chris has studied pain and pathology and his focus on clinical treatment is firmly geared towards helping people attain their best health.

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Why diagnosis is important

Before treatment, it is important to establish a specific diagnosis. Injection therapy for example works to suppress inflammation and therefore for it to be of benefit there must be an inflammatory process at work.

Sometimes the pain experience is mechanically driven. In this situation exercises and tissue mobilisation are essential to restore best alignment, strength and functional movement patterns.

In order to determine diagnosis a clinical examination with ultrasound scan provides a detailed analysis as what your condition is.

Once a diagnosis is established then treatment options can be discussed.

Guided injection therapy

There are many conditions that affect the body and cause an excessive inflammatory response.

When this is identified then guided injections are both safe and effective.

Chris Creaghan strongly advocates that injections are administered under guidance to ensure the medication is injected into the right tissue.

With guided injections there are several types of medication that can be used. Please visit the 'injections' page to see more details on treatments that are available and how they could help you.

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