Private cortisone injections for knee, shoulder, hip, facet, heel, thumb and all other painful joints

Diagnosis and Ultrasound Guided Injections

Injection Clinic offers over 20 years of clinical experience in the diagnosis of muscle and joint pain and the administration of guided injections.

The combination of physical examination and ultrasound scan helps to identify the problem and allows discussion on best treatment.

Chris Creaghan is a fully registered practitioner delivering care in the Private Sector  and the NHS.

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Diagnosis and ultrasound scan

Joint and tendon pain from either injury or degenerative changes can affect movement and in turn affect a persons quality of life. In order to reduce pain it is essential that an accurate diagnosis is first established.

Pain can develop from joint inflammation, capsulitis, ligament and tendon strains, bursitis and nerve irritation and more.

It is therefore essential that examination and investigation are provided to ensure diagnosis is accurate before any treatment is administered.

Ultrasound Guided Injections

ultrasound scan and injection

ultrasound scan and guided injection

With over twenty years of experience working in both NHS and private practice, Injection Clinic is a bespoke service equipped to diagnose and treat muscle and bone problems.

When injections are needed, it is essential that they are administered under guidance to ensure maximum benefit and patient safety.

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New Client New Client with Corticosteroid Injection
New client examination and diagnostic ultrasound scanNew client examination and diagnostic scan and guided injection

Evening clinics providing easy access

With clinics in Sheffield and Barnsley both offering day time and evening appointments, Injection Clinic provides rapid access to help ease your pain.

Don’t wait months for appropriate care. Get seen within the week.

Best health arises from rapid diagnosis and early treatment intervention. Injections such as Hyluronic acid (Ostenil) and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) are often excluded from NHS care.

Injections of Corticosteroid are often administered before full investigation and therefore without a confirmed diagnosis.

If you want to known what your problem is and to discuss appropriate treatment options then please book an appointment.

Why diagnosis is important

Before treatment, it is important to establish a specific diagnosis. Injection therapy for example works to suppress inflammation and therefore, for it to be of benefit there must be an inflammatory process at work.

Sometimes the pain experience is mechanically driven and in this situation exercises and tissue mobilisation are essential to restore best alignment, strength and functional movement patterns.

In order to determine diagnosis, a clinical examination with additional ultrasound scan provides a detailed analysis as what is going wrong.

Once a diagnosis is established then we can discuss treatment options.

Guided injection therapy

There are many conditions that affect the body and cause an excessive inflammatory response.

When this is identified then guided injections are both safe and effective.

Chris Creaghan strongly advocates that injections are administered under guidance to ensure the solution is injected into the right tissue.

With guided injections there are other benefits such as tissue distention and hydro-dilation. Please visit the ‘injections’ page to see more details on treatments that are available and how they could help you.

For more updates on treatments and conditions visit our latest news

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Information on Steroid Injections

One of the most common inflammatory problems is osteoarthritis, also known as joint degeneration or wear and tear. When there are degenerative mechanical changes it often causes tissue irritation and subsequent inflammation.

Steroidal injections obviously don’t re-generate the joint, but they do decrease inflammation and therefore ease the pain and swelling.

When the joint is less painful a person can then commence basic exercises and help improve the function of their joint. This has long term benefits.

It is safe to inject up to three injections a year, or appropriate to simply request an injection prior to your holiday or special occasion.

Building Confidence in Clinical Care

With an ongoing career delivering care within the NHS, Chris Creaghan has administered thousands of guided injections, but now recognises the problems of gaining access to NHS clinics when the person needs an injection.

By working with two well established healthcare clinics, Active Healthcare in Sheffield and Roundwo

od Clinic in Barnsley, Chris is able to deliver high quality diagnostic assessments and injection therapy treatment at realistic prices.

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