Injections: Visco-Supplements

Visco-supplements are a range of supplementary injections that can help lubricate the movement of joints, tendons and bursa.
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Overview of Visco-supplements

What are they

Visco-supplements are products containing Hyaluronic acid. All synovial joints, tendon sheaths and bursa have hyaluronic acid within them, but there are times during joint degeneration, tendon and bursa inflammation when the acid balance is incorrect.

How do they work

Ostenil and Synvisc are both well engineered inject-able medications that help restore this balance, which in turn optimises the joints fluid and chemistry.

Many people find hyaluronic injection beneficial for the long term management of osteoarthritis. There are no reported side effects with the use of Ostenil or Synvisc and therefore it is very safe to use.

Please note: these are not pain medication.

The Visco-supplements are designed to improve the well being of the joint. They can help reduce pain, but their real value is in the management of joint, tendon and bursa lubrication.

All injections at the Injection-Clinic are guided

Guided injections ensure the medication is administered directly at the target tissues. This can be inside a joint or within fluid sacs such as bursa. Sometimes guided injections are used to dilate specific tissues and /or separate one layer of tissue away from another. These are referred to as high volume injections.

When to use the medication

If you are suffering with joint degeneration and want to commence a treatment plan that helps improve strength, alignment and enhanced joint movement, then Ostenil or Durolane is an excellent addition.

You still need to exercise correctly, but optimising joint chemistry with Hyaluronic acid is another treatment aid that can ensure you get the best results.

Side effects

There are no reported side effects with visco-supplements.

The only risk is the injection process itself. This is performed with single use sterile equipment and therefore risk of complication is very low.

How long do they last?

Hyaluronic acid is in the joint capsule and bursa, so to determine how long the additional injected Hyaluroinic acid remains is difficult.

People on average claim benefit from between 3-6 months. Please note the benefit may be observed in the ability to move and by having decreased joint stiffness; not just an experience of pain.

The injections can, if requested be administered numerous times a year. A number of clients maintain their joint function by having 2-3 injections a year.

How much do they cost?

The price of a guided Ostenil Plus 40mg injection is £200.
Durolane 60mg £250.

All injections are administered to either new or follow up patients. These appointments are £90 and £60.

Total cost for a new patient requiring an Ostenil Plus injection is therefore £290.

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