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Why Ultrasound Scan

When a person has a muscle, bone or joint problem, it is often their experience of pain that drives them to seek treatment.

There are two common factors that cause an experience of pain. Mechanical irritation generating stress and strain on particular structures and chemical changes referred to as inflammation.

Ultrasound scans allow the clinician and client to clearly see the origin of their mechanical irritation and also observe areas of tissue inflammation.

It is common to find that the mechanical and inflammatory problem does not exist where the pain experience is felt.

For this reason ultrasound scans are essential to help direct best treatment.

Guided Injections

Injection therapy of corticosteroids is the most effective way to suppress inflammation.

Under guidance with ultrasound we can identify tissues that are suffering excessive inflammation and direct the medication exactly and safely to the right spot.

With over twenty years of NHS and private experience Chris has developed enhanced clinical skills in determining appropriate treatment for specific conditions.

By suppressing inflammation and correcting the mechanical irritation your painful problem can be corrected.

Chris is also able to recognise when mechanical tissue damage requires surgical intervention and he can a provide links to many of the regions top Orthopaedic Consultants for your specific problem. 

Ultrasound scan of the knee to make diagnosis. Guided steroid or hyaluronic injections can be administered to ensure accurate and safe needle placement.

Chris Creaghan

Chris Creaghan delivers clinical care in different places throughout Yorkshire.

Active Healthcare, Sheffield
Roundwood Clinic, Barnsley
Clinic 360, Leeds

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